Easter cake and a winner!

Thanks to everyone who commented on Friday’s post for the nail polish giveaway.  I find it very funny that the answers ranged from Sisqo’s ”Thong Song” to Amy Grant’s “Baby, baby.”  We have a winner, thanks to random.org who picked #8-Krazy Kim.  KK’s reply, which I loved, to the question “What song will forever remind you of Spring Break?” was:

“I’m going old-school with Juvenile’s “Back that azz Up.” (and I did check the spelling of the title b/c I’m an English teacher; who knew it was 2 z’s??) I really hope I win the glitter- my 7th graders will think I’m so cool!”

Kim, I’m sure you probably already hold the title for “coolest teacher,” but the glitter nail should seal the deal!

Happy belated Easter to everyone!  This is the first Easter I’ve been home in at least five years, so I was pretty excited to attend the annual egg hunt at Melissa’s.

And my favorite picture…

Also, look at this super cute cake my mom’s very talented friend, Fran, made for her own Easter celebration.  I thought it made for quite the centerpiece, I’m sure her grandchildren thought the same!  Besides being covered in Peeps, it has jellybeans, flower lollipops (Wal-Mart) and green coconut grass.  (Here’s an easy way to color coconut- basically mix food coloring and coconut in a bag and shake.)

Since Peeps aren’t just for Easter anymore, I think this cake could be redone in a lot of different ways for other holidays and celebrations.

Blue, yellow or pink chicks for a baby shower, could be part of a bubble bath themed cake…

Cats and ghosts for Halloween- the top could still have grass, but you could make it a graveyard…

And Gingerbread men, snowmen, and trees for Christmas!

You can order most of these holiday Peeps, and lots of other colors, year round on their website- Peeps and Company.

I think I need to have a Christmas party so I have an excuse to use those gingerbread men!

3 Comments on "Easter cake and a winner!"

  1. Erin says:

    We had so much fun! Thanks Melissa for planning, organizing, and cooking a fabulous feast, it was great!! Ryann really liked the huge piece of gum in case you couldn’t tell and I did too because it slowed down the candy consumption.

  2. Krazy Kim says:

    Yayayayay!!! This is going to end my Monday on a definite high note.

    Can I re-pin all the Peeps ideas?


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